Thursday, February 25, 2010

Did I mention that I have a 6 year old?

6 years ago today.
I became a Mom for the first time.
I don't have the words to even come close to how life altering and awesome it is.
6 years ago, I held this tiny (albeit) very loud little baby with more hair than anyone could wish for and just fell in love.
The funny thing about birthdays with that it brings out all sorts of emotions. It reminds me of times that have past us by and reminds me to enjoy the moment of now.

Birthdays are bittersweet around here.
Bryn is a perfect example. I have loved every age with her. She was such a patient newborn, that helped me learn the ropes of becoming a Mom.

...and then she became a toddler. A rather easy going one most of the time (at least compared to her sister). Although probably one of the fastest kids around. I don't think we ever see her walk anywhere.

Bryn always = smiles.

One thing that has remained the same is the giggle on this girl. She has the same belly-giggle now that she had when she was 6 months old. Its such a carefree belly bellow that you can not help tobut to let loose a smile when you hear it. It's so contagious, that I believe it could solve world peace.
I hope she forever laughs this way through I am sure I will forever hear that baby belly-giggle as she continues to grow into the lovely little lady she is today.

Happiest Happy 6th Birthday my lovely Bryn!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day!

Or as most of us know it...
Happy Valentine's Day! (those that watch 30 Rock will appreciate the Anna Shaw sentiment- hardy har)

Firstly- I can not believe its already February.
I suck. Well, I suck at finding time to blog anyway. I will add some new pics soon.

Today we celebrate the ones we love. I thought it would be fun to share some things I love in honor of Valentine's day.

Kind people.
My daughters.
My son.
Laura Secord chocolate.
Garlic and cheese bread.
Baby toes.
Baby smell.
Okay, anything baby...
Tom's hands.
Life Aquatic.
Cranberry Cosmos from Ruth's Chris.
A loud ipod on a silent morning run.
Bryn's giggle.
A lemony clean house.
Driving in my car with some loud tunes.
The first moments of silence after all the kids are in bed.
A silky smooth good har day.
The first Coke after I have tried not to drink any for a day.
Chic-Fil-A's chicken. Yum.
Chocolate Peppermint shakes.
Watching my daughters play ballerina.
Listening to Bryn read to the other kidlets.
Listening to a long forgotten song.
The Office.
The smell of fall.
Walking along the beach.
Tom's arms.
The protection that a Tom brings.
My Mom.
My sisters.
My brother.
Clinique's Raspberry lip balm.
A quiet afternoon nap with a warm baby.
Girl in the Pearl Earring.
Friday Family fun.
Pizza picnics.
Grocery shopping.
George Carlin.
Harrison Ford
Picking up Ava from school.
Cadbury Easter Cream Eggs.
The peace of Christmas day.
Family Fun magazine.
Funky diaper bags.
I Melt with You.
White cheese queso dip.
Pounding the pavement.
Cookie dough.
Rainbow cupcakes.
Selfless people.
Dry homor.
Vivaldi's Winter.
Little girl braids.
The Princess Bride.
Polite children.
Gummy smiles.
Dresses over pants.
Black tee and jeans.
Flip flops.
Macro pictures.
The feel of the warm sun.
Intense little Ava.
Chicken Alfredo.
Fountain Spout blue.

Just what I can think of today...I may continue this list as I go along. I seem to love a lot of things!