Thursday, June 4, 2009

bring on the blue!

Yep...its true. I saw it with my own eyes. After our ultrasound yesterday, we have learned that we will finally have a boy in the family.

There is no doubt about it. It is most definately a boy. I saw the parts (or else its a girl who is going to have some major issues).

*insert shock and awe here*

I find myself dumbfounded. I have been in "pink" mode so long, that a boy seems like such a foreign thing to me.
How do I not get peed on? How do you cut a boys hair? Will it be okay if he plays with Barbies?
I am good with girls, being one myself, but I feel clueless as to how to raise a boy.
I'm told once I master the private parts that the learning curve is pretty easy...

I certainly hope so for his sake.