Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My favorite Flava.

Today marks 5 years living with Ava Laine.
More commonly known as "Flava" around here.
And it's true...she has a lot of flava!

Avie is one of the keenest 5 year olds ever. (so much so, that I fear she will be outsmarting me very soon, if not already).
Ava is passionate. (code for strong willed, which is also pc for stubborn)
She is intense and takes a lot of energy.
But she also gives out a lot more in return.
Ava is seriously kind-hearted and always looking out for the under-dog.
She has an "old soul" and often laughs at many adult jokes.
She is cautious...and you need to earn her trust.
She also has a good eye with coloring and drawing.
She has the memory of an elephant and makes very detailed observations.
(code for: you can not make a promise you don't intend to keep because she will call you on it- 3 years later).
I love this kid. She is a rare find.
(and never gives up a chance to cuddle with her Mom).

One day of Flava.

1 year- her "bulldog" face.

18 months Butterfly.

hanging at the pool (3 years)

Always intense.

4 year watermelon lover


Happiest Happy Birthday to me sweet intense Ava Flava.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I think there is a market for these.
Bows for the baby boy curls that Moms just can not get the courage to have cut.
I think I will call them "brows". not tell my husband I did this to my poor wee boy.
(although I think he looks awfully cute)
I will be saving this picture for his future girlfriends!
I am sure it'll be used as evidence against me one day when he is in therapy. ;)