Thursday, October 1, 2009

She lotht a toof!

Aaaack! Where does the time go? My first born just lost her first tooth!
Somehow it makes her look a couple years older, and in return makes me feel another ten years older.
I suspect any day now I will turn around and she will be nothing but elbows and knees and taller than me.

I don't know if its my 9.5 month pregnant hormones, but with every milestone, I feel small twinges in my heart as my babies just seem to be growing up and farther away from me.

...anyway, Bryn was mighty excited to have her lose toof fall out so easily while eating dinner. She eagerly put it under her pillow to await what the tooth fairy would bring her. And I spend the night going over why we can't see the tooth fairy, why she was so shy, what she may look like and what she does with all the teeth. (one of the benefits of having analytical children).

At about 4 am. Bryn came bounding into our bed to let us know that the toothfairy came and left her a dollar!!!!!!!
A whole dollar.
I have heard rumors of kids getting $10-$20 dollars, but we figured with the dollar value nowadays, and the fact that she thinks one dollar is a lot of money, that would suffice.

She gleefully added it to her piggy bank.

But this is the best part. The part where I truly see how she has grown up.
Later that day, we heard the ice cream truck go by and when she asked if she could get some ice cream, we told her that if she wanted to use her money to buy one that she could....but the kid declined by saying that she was saving her money for a Nintendo DS.

My kid.
(or maybe not?)

I just smiled and told her that was a great choice.
If she had lost another tooth at that moment, you can rest assured that the proud tooth fairy would've brought her a Nintendo DS.