Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Time, time, time.

It's the one thing I can not get enough of.
I am horrible at taking on too many tasks and never finishing one.
We have been busier than we were before Christmas, which is supposed to be the hustle, bustle season. But it seems that our busy season is in the winter months, when we are trying to keep busy as we spend more time indoors.
I find January and February tough months.
It's dark and cold and hard to get outside to play.
We are usually hit with at least one small break in the weather that we all go outside just to enjoy a few minutes of sunshine (and hope that it will be enough fresh air to tire out these kiddos).
Luckily those few days came at a perfect time this year.
We have had more snow and bitterly cold weather than I can remember. (although that doesn;t seem to stop my kids from bundling up and heading outside for awhile).
But, its nice to feel a bit of warmth, and feel the sunshine and finally try those electric scooters that Santa brought.
(I should say thoughtlessly brought as the poor kids have just been staring at them since Christmas because the weather has been too crappy to actually use them).
So that is exactly what we did!
And although these scooters probably give me more gray hair than I can imagine. (thank God for hair coloring),  they are great for tiring out Hurricane Eric.
He just ran after them the whole time!

Hurricane Eric eventually slows down and finds anything with wheels to play with.

And this was a few days before we actually had green grass sightings!

It's February, and its Ohio, so who knows what is next.
It's been beautiful play-outside weather this week, but I suspect we will get another snowstorm before spring is here to stay.