Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ava is 4! Make way for Disney!

Poor Ava Flava. She's the middle child and already feeling the brunt on it.
She turned 4 on March 9th and I have yet to give her a birthday post.
It seems life has gotten the best of me and has flown by just as quickly as their birthdays seem to.
Because Tom has been living out of town, and we are getting ready to move, and I just couldn't get it together for a big party- we kept her birthday quiet.
There was cake of course, as I believe that every birthday needs a cake....and some cool presents too. We decided that Ava was big enough to enjoy a Nintendo like her big sister. (Before I had kids, I was the best parent ever! No one would watch tv before they were 5, there would be no icky video games at our house....then parenting happened.)
The Nintendo DS was the best idea ever! The two will race together for fighting and all! In fact, I may go as far to say that there is actual cooperation going on too. They also discovered how to chat to each other. Which is kinda funny, as they draw pictures to each other while in the car beside each other, so I get the constant *ding* *ding* of each of their messages being received....wait, did I say the DS was a good idea?
Anyway, there was cake. 'Nuff said.

And Ava seemed to enjoy herself.
No, really that IS her happy face.

Anyway, we told the girls that instead of having parties at some overpriced venue with overcrowded things going on, we decided that we would take them to Disney World before we left our beloved Florida. (yeah, I know, overpriced and overcrowed, but much more fun for Tom and I!) Besides, when we would get the chance to go again for a quick day trip like this?

So we headed for Disney during the Spring Break with my visiting family.
(like how I incorporated 2 different stories into one post to help catch things up??)
The day was beautiful and despite it being the week before the most popular spring break, the lines and crowds were not too bad. That means no more than a 30 minute wait for a ride.

Of course, Cinderella was once again not home.

So there was alot of walking, meeting the locals and checking out things to play on.

Or lack thereof- This is how Ava made her way around the park for awhile.

Getting all festive at Disney!
Meet Princess Kitty and Cinderella Face!

Poor Lil'E just resisted as much as he could.

The day was a long one and both Bryn and Ava went on quite a few rides. This was a huge change from our visit the year before when we could barely get Ava to walk through Mickey's house!
She was brave enough to go on a couple coasters!
Bryn is like her Mom and went on everything her height would allow her to ride. Infact, she even joined me on my lifelong wish to go on Space Mountain! (which was under repairs when I went 20 years ago).
Lil E was a sport. He did some serious people watching and didn't breakdown until we were all ready to head home at the end of the day.

Everyone had a great day. Especially those girls that were found like this about 10 mins after getting into the car. Because that's how you can tell if its been a good time- the faster they fall asleep, the better the time!

Part 2 of our Spring Break coming soon!!!