Thursday, April 19, 2012

I like...

Today was not my best day.
('nuff said)
And it went downhill from there.

When I have days like this
I find it helps to go through the things
that make me smile.

So in honor of sucky days,
here are some recent things that I like:

I like hungry baby birds.
(hiding in my neighbor's bush)

I like the bloomin' view from my kitchen.

 I like this dog.

 I like every hair on  this little head.

I love these little people.

I feel better already.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Break

Looking back at previous years,  I disappear from the blog right after our Spring Break for months on end.
I now have a theory.
I think its because the weather gets so nice that there is just no way I can justify staying inside on the computer when we have things to do outside!
Or anywhere  and everywhere else that's not the computer.
(that's my theory and I am sticking to it)

Good news is I am here. Now.
We took a sort of last minute vacation to my beloved Florida.
To see our beloved Florida friends
and hang out at our beloved Florida places.
(can you tell I still miss that place?)

We drove down at 3 in the morning and managed to arrive 14 hours later-
mostly in tact.
(tired as the kids decided that they no longer needed to sleep in cars.
And thank heaven for snacks, Kindles and even old fashioned crayons)
We didn't make any concrete plans, other to hang out with friends.
And it was nice.
In fact, it was so nice, that I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I would've liked
because I was having such a nice time enjoying the niceness.

Eric got to hang out with his oldest friend, Kaitlyn.

 Apparently brushing your teeth is THE thing to do if you are two!

We also managed to hang out with some old friends at our old favorite pool!

Of course we also went to one of my most favoritest places-
St Augustine Beach.
It doesn't have the bluest water, nor the whitest sand, but I feel at home here.
(and its always quiet, which I like)

Low tide syncronized swimming anyone?
I carried Eric this way most of the afternoon because unlike his big sisters, Eric does NOT like the ocean.
He does not like to touch it, and especially doesn't like to look at it.
(*le sigh*  2 year olds are fun)

Although, I talked him into making sandcastles
if we were about half a mile away from the ocean

For the first time, Ava actually went into the water!
(and it only took her 6 years)
The rest of the time was spent just hanging
(but mostly eating) with our old friends.
It was a great vacation that always ends too soon.

Until next year my beloved Florida.