Wednesday, August 4, 2010

If wishes were fishes...

Today I watched my girls run around the yard chasing those fuzzy fluffy things from dandilions. (I think). We call them "Santa's beard". And the girls think that by catching them, they can make a wish, then release the fluff and it will magically make its way to Santa, so he learns what you are wishing for Christmas.
It makes me smile to watch them capture these little pieces of fuzz and then carefully cup it up to their mouth (you know, so the fluff can hear better) and whisper their secrets.
Then I got to thinking of all the crazy things we do for wishes. I am not superstitious, but I have many things I do in the name of wishes. I suppose you could call me "wishful".

Some of my favorites are: Wishing on Santa's Beards. Making a wish when you notice the double digits on a clock (like 12:12). Making a wish on a fallen eyelash. Making a wish when you eat a folded over chip or "wish chip". WIshing on a ladybug. The first star in the evening sky, and the first 50 robins of spring also get a wish too.

Yep, I have made thousands of wishes on these silly things and I don't really know if it works or not. But what cracks me up is that most of the wishes made were not for big, expensive items, nor lofty ideas, but rather a daily pleasure such as "No rain at the park" or "an early bedtime" and of course "to lose that last 5 pounds".

But I suppose that last 5 pounds will never lose its way from me if I am eating chips and such to make the wishes huh?