Friday, February 25, 2011

7 years ago today...

I became a Mom to one of the coolest, sweetest girls evah!
Bryn Elise was born.
The world forever changed.

I know they say when you look at the bright side of things, you are wearing "rose colored glasses", but I like to see the world through "Bryn-colored" ones.

I think if everyone did this, the world would be a much happier, gigglier and probably bouncier place.

At 7, Bryn is such a compassionate young lady.
She worries about other's feelings,
she gets sad if she sees a stray animal.
She has mastered the art of sibling manipulation,
she likes Justin Beiber and wrote her first fan mail to him.
She changes her clothes about 7 times each day.
She refuses to wear bows and clips anymore.
She is the most amazing reader and artist.
Not the greatest eater.
She is my first little heart.

Happiest of birthday sweet girl!


9 month silly.

18 months

almost 2- cutest calf ever!
(maybe the fastest too)

3.5- tuckered out Princess Flower Fairy

Lovely, lovely young lady.

Monday, February 21, 2011


We have been cooped up and sick for over a week.
But it went to over 60 degrees on the weekend and I was able to sneak outside with the kids who were playing hooky to enjoy some sunshine...and get us out of the house which I am sure is just covered in our sickie germs.

Ava finally has a willing passenger for her jeep.
I was *this close* to making them both wear full body protective gear, but it seems that 5 years is the magic age of learning to drive the Barbie jeep
(without seriously maming anyone).

Bryn was still feeling a little under the weather, so she just did some sketching and observing of nature...
(instead of being her usual force of nature)
Please note that she is currently missing 3 top teeth and 2 bottom ones-
I never thought we'd be tooth-fairy poor.

Eric was his usual ornery self.
He was like a caged animal being set free for the first time with all his running around, shovel and all.
I have a feeling that once spring arrives, I will probably lose that last 5 pounds with all the chasing I see in my future!

Good thing the boy is cute!
Ornery, but cute.
(and no, I have no plans to cut his hair yet)

I even managed to get a couple of all three kidlets (which those with multiple kids can totally appreciate).

This is why I love being outside in the fresh air...all three kidlets were ready for bed by 7:30!
I can not wait for spring weather!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Heart Day!

Also known as "crazy-craft-a-palooza" around here.
It's a well known fault of mine.
I love to craft, create and cut things.
Every holiday gives me another reason to happily pull out my pinking shears and glue sticks.
My problem is knowing when to stop.
I just don't.
I see so many cute ideas and can never decide on just one.

This year, I managed to hold myself back at about 3 or 4 Valentine crafts.

We made some cute chocolate kiss flowers,

felt fortune cookies (filled with notes from the kids and chocolate kisses,

heart shaped crayons made from a year's worth of old broken crayons (we gave those to Ava's classroom),

cute little ladybug magnets.

We had a rather quiet Love Day this year as Bryn is finally recovering from her all-weekend fever, Ava seems to be a little under the weather and Mama is definately fighting something nasty...arg.
But when everyone feels this yucky, I was lucky enough to get a few littles curled up with me for a nice afternoon nap.
And it seems I have to get my cuddles however I can lately...even if it means they have to be sleeping.
(because they are now too cool to snuggle with Mom)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sickie McSickerson

First, IT took out Ava last weekend.
Now, IT renders Bryn sick and I don't think she likes it.

"The Fever" strikes again.

I received a call from the school on Friday telling me that Bryn was complaining about not feeling very well.
Since Bryn isn't usually that persistant, I went to pick her up and could tell immediately that she wasn't 100%.
She was quiet and not bouncing all over the walls.

Once we got her home and snuggled into my chair, I noticed Bryn's eyes were glassy looking ane she told me her head hurt.
And right on cue, her fever took over.

Poor girlie.
She just lays on my beloved arm chair sleeping, watching movies and drinking juice.
We've been fighting her fever with a constant flow of Tylenol, Motrin, popsicles and chocolate..well okay, the last one is for me...but somehow I think it helps.

I never thought I'd wish this, but I want my loud, bouncy little girl back.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Simple Pleasures

We woke up to yet another snow, I mean ice day.
There was just enough of a thin sheet of ice on everything to make things dangerous...and incredibly beautiful if you didn't have to dredge out in it.

I was lucky enough that I didn't HAVE to go anywhere, so staying home in our pjs and eating homemade donuts for breakfast at 10am was a nice option to have.

On the flip side, it means another day of not going to the gym and working off all the baked goods we tend to make on these long days home.
I think I am going to rename all snow days, EAT DAYS. I find baking very comforting and tend to bake when stuck indoors too long.
If we were living in the North Pole, I am sure I'd be jolly and plump too!

Once again there was some Wii.

And some whining...

And some homemade playdough.
(which reminds me so much of 2nd grade, when my Mom would make that salty homemade dough for us and I loved to play with it when it was still warm from being cooked.
And even though I knew it tasted horrible, I just had to taste it.
Every time.
Maybe that explains why I am the way I am...too much playdough).

Anyway, I get all excited when I see the same look of anticipation in the girls' eyes for something I remember from my own childhood.
I want nothing more than our kids to get excited for such simple pleasures.

And since this was a day if reminicing about things from my childhood, we did one of my all time lunches.
I cut up the sandwiches and all the fruit into teeny tiny pieces and served it on Bryn's tea set.
The girls thought this was the coolest thing ever!
And for a brief moment, I was the awesomest Mom ever!
(and a nod to my Mom for the same treats when I was little. I hope this brings the same fuzzy memories to my girls as well).