Monday, March 30, 2009

Or life's a pool.

We also managed to kick off our swim season while my family was visiting.
I use the term "swim" loosely as it was just the kids and Tom (the biggest kid) who went into the pool....and the "swimming" was kinda weak as the frigid pool water seemed to freeze everyone's muscles stiff, making it near impossible to move. But I suppose some consider that fun!

Makenzie was kind enough to volunteer as a back up towel for her Brynnie.

Yeah, the nutballs even went under water too!
Makenzie and Sam doing their best to not freeze to death (and all while wearing a smile too!)

Poor Brynner trying to keep warm after getting out of the pool. Although it was a tad windy, I think anything out of the water was an improvement.

I prefer to sit on the dry sidelines and document of everyone's cold blueness.
Swim season for me does not begin until the pool water is like a bath.
I almost consider myself a weather wuss now as 60 degrees means time to pull the sweaters out!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Life's a Beach!

Since we had my family visiting from the north and it was a balmy 60 degrees here...I was actually pretty nice and I think anything over 60 was considered balmy by my northern folks.
We decided to take our company to the beach, as thats about all there is around here.
So in spirit, we did all things beachy-
there was some frisbee,

(yep, I'd love to say my wee sis inherited my legs, but alas, I can not.
She is not yet 16 and already towers over me.
Where or where was the gene fairy when I was born, huh?)

And my only cool dude brother (man he needs a tan and a cheeseburger, but don't let that fool you, he eats like an elephant)

Of course, my girlies couldn't get involved with any beach activities that didn't require getting sand in all sorts of cracks and crevices.

And sand angels seemed like such a fun idea at the time...unless you are the person responsible for the removal of sandy cracks and sandy laundry...arg.
(I am still finding sand in places where is should not be)!

Although I did partake in a bit of sandy fun. I absoltely lerve the feeling of soft sand between my toes.

Apparently this time of year is known for jellyfish being washed up on the shore. We stumbled across quite a few of them, which was pretty cool (and kinda gross at the same time). These jellyfish had their danglies all chewed off or as Bryn called them "really dead".

Then we ran across a few of these. Pretty much gave me just a WTF? reaction. It appeared to be some sort of man eating sea slug with a big ol mouth at the end that would open up if you poked at it. And although I was totally grossed out by this, I just could not resist poking at them to watch the slugginess of it all.
All I know is that if these came in from the water, I won't be going in anytime soon. *insert the heebie jeebies here*

Of course I took about a thousand pictures of the girls. They like very different things at the beach.
Bryn loves to play in the water.
No matter the tempurature.
She frolicks and swims around like a lovely little mermaid...albeit a slightly bluish, cold looking one.

...and then there is our Avie.
Avie prefers, nay, will only tolerate the sand. She can not be within feet of wet sand or the water or else she sounds her howlering monkey alarm-
No, Ava just plays somewhat quietly making sand castles, digging holes and staying as far as possible away from teh water.

Me? I love both. Although I stayed on the beach most of the time because I wasn't sporting my swimsuit. It's too small or I am getting too big.
And I refuse to buy a maternity one (again that pesky denial).
Well, that and the fact that the water was freeeeezing!

Friday, March 27, 2009

in between days

I just survived a week with my family. Think 5 extra people in one big room. So I will have lots of photos to share...soon.
For now, I am decompressing the next day or two before picking up the pace again.

As for me, I find myself in that "in between" stage of know the one where no one can really tell you're all knocked up, and you just look like you ate waaaaay too much ice cream.
I suppose I should think it grand that no one can tell my condition yet, but then again, if I always looked this "fluffy", then I need to be hitting the gym a little harder.

I have been in complete denial and continue to stuff myself into my regular pants while using the old elastic trick (or the Bella band which is my new best friend and something I will pull out every Thanksgiving meal). But, I think it may soon be time to go find me some of those uber-uncool, but oh-so stretchy maternity pants...then I'll show you what ice cream fluffiness looks like.

Monday, March 16, 2009


I used to say you don't know tired until you were pregnant...but I think I will change that to, you don't know tired until you're pregnant with young children to chase around.
That bridge was crossed.
Bennett spawn #3 is scheduled to be here October 2009. I have seen it with my own two eyes.
*insert some shock and awe here*

It's still early (about 2 months), but we have seen a heartbeat and some sort of jellybean looking formation growing in ma belly.

Pregnancy number 3...bring it on!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Easy Bake, my a$$!!

So, Bryn and I tried out her new Easy Bake oven! I was so excited to try it out as I had one when I was a kid and I loved it.
Yes, I loved it even enough to marry it!(obviously, I am totally living vicariously through my kids).
Anyway, Bryn decided she wanted to make the donuts. We had the little donut mix set which we nearly had to refinance our house for as those little refill kits are expensive.
We carefully added the couple drops of water required to make the mix.
Bryn carefully mixed her wee dollop of mix (I still wasnt too sure how we were going to get 2 whole donuts out of this mix). But, we managed and all it took was 30 mins to make, bake and cool each donut (which seems cruel to make a kid and her hungry Mom wait that long).
So, do the math- that was almost an hour for 2 donuts!!!

Even though we pretty much had to use a rather unorthodox method to eat our donuts (have you ever used a spoon?), it still tasted pretty good. Bring on the cake next!!

Note: If you want to use your Easy Bake oven, my best advice is to follow the directions and use the 100W light bulb...anything less, just won't cut it.
I'm just saying...

Monday, March 9, 2009

3 years ago today...

..we welcomed our second daughter Miss Ava Laine.
Little did I know that such a quiet little newborn would turn into such a larger than life little girl.
Luckily, Ava is funny and knows how to use her humor. I am thankful for the laughter she brings into my life.
However, I will never admit this (even under torture), her stubborn streak and blood curdling tantrums have given me more patience than anyone could ever hope to give me (well... patience and lots of gray hair).
And although I think she has taken about 5 years off my life, Ava definately makes my world a wonderful place to be. (thank you Avie)

We love you Ava Mava Bo Bava!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Doodle Doos!

Sunday marked the day that Bryn has been counting down for about 64 days (give or take a few hours)...
It was her official birthday party- "with friends".
We invited some friends to join us at a local kids salon for some pampering...and cupcakes of course.
The whole thing went off without a hitch.
9 little girlies patiently waited their turns to get their nails and hair done and played a few games along the way. The best part, was that I let go of my controlling party planning tendencies and actually enjoyed the afternoon with someone else in charge (well once I saw that that the party table was appropriately coordinated).

Out of all the girls there, it was wee Ava that seemed to enjoy the pampering the most. This surprised me as I can barely get a brush through that girls hair without her screaming like a howler monkey!
But she had a great time and carried on with all of the older girls like she was 5 years old!! (which reminds me that she will in fact be 3 next week - ack!)

It was all rainbows, butterflies and cupcakes until the pinata was brought out.
Then there was some FIERCE pinata whacking...especially once the girls found there was actually candy hidden inside!

(note to self- do NOT allow Ava to carry a baseball bat by herself, even if its plastic)!!

The whole party went off much better than I hoped...and just the fact that I was able to walk out the door without any mess to clean up made it worth every penny.
Thank heaven Bryn's birthday week is over.
Next...Ava turns 3.

Monday, March 2, 2009

mud runners

Saturday was a particularily fun morning as the girls and I went to watch my fellow Y ladies run the Jax Mud Run. It was 6 miles of mud and looked brutally dirty, painful and yet lots of fun!
I thought we'd go allong to take some pictures of our friends- Team "Dirty Muthas" and Team "Grimy Girls".

Of course Ava (her bestest friend, Ashlyn) and Bryn managed to get probably as muddy as the runners while they played in the dirt around the course...I am still finding dirt in places on Ava where it should not be!

I am soooo there next year!!