Monday, March 12, 2012

Ava = 6 years of awesome!

Ava Flava.
That best describes my middle child.

I can not believe she is 6.
She will now remember most things in her life.
Things that will scar her if we are not careful.
(and i think Av will call us on it one day)

We celebrated 6 years of Ava on the weekend.
She has been counting down her birthday since about Christmas.
(and can I mention that she is already counting the days until this Christmas?
only 287 ya know!)

We had a small family and friend party/sleepover.
Just the way she wanted it.
She also demanded balloons,
chocolate cake with chocolate icing with those squiggley frosting things,
and Papa John's pizza.

I both absolutley love and hate that she is so particular with the details in everything.
But, we had a good day.

My girl has learned to read this year.
her drawings have amazing colors and details.
She is usually a good influence on her little brother,
and she picks the most fashion forward, brightly colored outfits.
(although sometimes slightly embarrassing)

Ava, our Flava makes our world one bright place to be!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Not so Biddy Siddy

Do you remember this wee pup?

I sure don't.

Happy 4 months to our
Not so Biddy Siddy.

He is already over 40 pounds and still has
a long, long way to go!

Oh how I love that sweet serious face!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The proof is in the picture

If we had to prove that Tom was the father of these here kids, I don't think they would need the DNA evidence.
I think this picture alone would make him responsible.

They are their Father's children.
(oh boy, Ava doesn't stand a chance ;)