Wednesday, July 14, 2010

9 months

Remember the sweet, teeny, quiet baby boy I had a few months ago?

I don't.

He is no longer little, but still as sweet. Little E is growing like a weed. A super fast, super wiggley little weed.
And because I know that he will be my last baby, I enjoy every last moment of babyness I can squeeze out of him.

I was ever lucky enough to have my littlest sister Sam visit us for a week. I also let Sam have full reign of my camera, and the trade was well worth it. She managed to catch a few pictures of my boy (and with his Mom).

He loves kisses,

...and piggybacks

And he especially loves to watch his big sisters.

At 9 months, Eric is learning to crawl(rather fast). He makes a beeline for every outlet, exposed cord and boingy door stopper he sees. It's going to be a whole new ballgame with his little guy. He is fast, man. Fast.
He started to use sign language for "more" as he is totally food-motivated like his Mom.
He is also a nightmare to feed as he's constantly bouncing and trying to escape his high chair, so I often end up shoving a spoon in places that are not his mouth.

He seems to be following his sister's lead in the language department and has a lot to say. Most of it is incoherant bable, but I recognize "Hiiiiiii" and "Mumumumumum", which I can only infer that he really loves his Mom and I am, in fact, his favorite (although he won't attest to this just yet).

Eric is happy. Happy is Eric.
I am a blubbering mess at the thought of my baby boy turning 9 months...I have no idea how I will survive his first birthday.
Either way, to say I am blessed to be his Mom is a big understatment.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

If Blogging were my fortune...

I'd be totally broke.

I suck at keeping records of our days, which is why I was doing this in the first place. I'm so busy in the daily routines/survivals that I have had a hard time finding any time to update here.

Life with 3 kidlets is starting to get a little busy.

Now I write from here in Ohio...yes Ohio. We have moved from my beloved Florida and are settling into a new Mid-West sort of life. I could write about how I miss my beloved Y, my bunco nights or my awesome old neighbors that kept Tom busy and out of my hair. Or I could mention how we have met some cool new friends, some fun parks and the relief of living close to family again. Either way, I'll post a re-cap sometime soon.

We are in the middle of a nice not-Florida-summer. A summer of sleeping in, popsicles on the porch and watermelon covered chins. Summer means food to me. (although so does Spring, Fall and Winter)..but I loves me some summer eats. I strongly believe the freezer should be well stocked with frozen treats and fresh berries at all times in the summer.

It's almost a daily post-dinner ritual that we all march outside on the front porch and enjoy something messy. Usually a watermelon or popsicle or Drumstick...anything that would make me cringe to feed them inside.

And we do nothing planned activity. Sometimes we just sit in the grass eating, slurping and enjoying.

This is probably one of my favorite parts of the day. The winding down of the kids, enjoying something sweet and of course knowing that bedtime is just around the corner.