Sunday, May 31, 2009

Let it begin!

Summer is officially here.
Now that school is out...I have enjoyed just over a week of having both girls home everyday and I am already starting to count the days until "back to school". (well, not really, but you get what I mean).

We've been enjoying the weather before it becomes intolerable. Now is the time to enjoy the parks or any outdoor activity because in July, once it hits 9am, the slides and about everything on the playground becomes so hot that one just cannot slide down, sit on or climb, without having the hot plastic sear you.
No, once July hits, we all melt away by 10am. we have found a local playground that is different and even has some large awnings overtop of it, so we can catch a bit of shade.
The girls call it the "Rope Park" because they have this Eiffel looking rope tower for the kids to climb.

Once again, I find it very interesting to watch the girls play.
Bryn is very active...she climbs, runs, sings and just does not stop. She will actively look for the highest, most dangerous piece of equipment to climb and proceed to give me a heart attack as I watch her praying she doesn't plummit to her death or what looks like a big enough fall to break a bone.

Ava on the otherhand, sorta wanders.
She observes... alot and cautiously climbs some things. It almost looks like playing on the climbers is a chore for her and she'd rather be in the air conditioned house reading her trashy magazines and eating bon-bons...oh wait, that's me.

Behold- Ava's playface. (which also happens to be the same one as her grumpy face and her happy face).

Either way, it makes them hot and tired and we all know a good kid is a tired kid!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

She's all Edumacated! least she's off to a great start!
Bryn graduated from pre-school yesterday. I dropped her off as a preschooler and picked her up as a soon-to-be kindergartener....and I swear the kid grew 2 inches in the one hour we were there.
The fun thing was that they held a real ceremony for the kids (or their parents). They had a processional and little caps and gowns too! Yeah, I know, it's just preschool, but it was a fun way to mark the occasion, especially since Bryn will be attending a new school in the fall.

Of course, due to my condition I was more than my usual hormonal mess. As soon as I saw Bryn in her little cap and gown, I was all teary. It's almost like we fast forwarded 12 years and I was watching her graduate from high school. Just more step away from us and one more to a bigger world for her.

The ceremony was lovely. The kids even sang "God Bless America"...which was a nice touch.
Bryn and her friends enjoyed every minute of it. (and we enjoyed watching her)

Words can not express how proud of my little Brynnie I am.

And Ava too. (although I can not be sure whether she was proud of Bryn or if she was just going in for the diploma).

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bryn's joke

Okay, if I were doing this blogging as a job, I would've been fired awhile ago. Yep, fired without any leave for sure.
I just realized its been weeks since I have added anything! I will post pictures soon, we've just been so darned busy lately.

But for today I will share Bryn's favorite joke with the internets.

"What do you call a snail on a boat?"
- A snailor!

(bwahaha! I thought it was pretty cute and she even managed to keep the punchline straight which is something I can never do).