Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ooooh Waaaariors!!!

Two months have passed.
And I am now a Warrior!
Warrior wounds and all!

I decided it wouls be fun to run the
Warrior Dash in Ohio this year.

And fun it was.
Well, until about half way through.
While trying to run down the mudslide of a hill,
I wiped out.
I took a tree, some twigs and I am pretty sure a cement block with me.
I spent the last half of the race wondering if my open gashes
were going to get some flesh eating disease as I waded through some pretty foul smelling waters and mud.
(good news:  I seemed to have made it).
Although had I known then what I found out afterwards...
I would've slowed down while running with bronchitis and a sinus infection.
Double ouch.

With my beast of a friend, A.
Happy and clean before!
(we made the shirts and bought the supa wonda' socks)


I think I chicked this guy a couple times!
(and this was after my not so awesome fall)
And after.
Not so clean, but still happy.

And a grusome look at my warrior wounds.
Almost healed...

And of course I am looking forward to my next obstacle race!
I am now, afterall, a warrior!