Friday, February 27, 2009

Blowin' bubbles

A beautiful day + a bouncey little girl + bubbles = some great pictures...

...until my cover while taking pictures was blown...

Ahhhhh...gotta love the "Ava face".

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

5 Years

I am sure I will say this every year of every birthday, but I can not believe my first born is now 5!!!
It was 5 years ago today that our lives were forever changed.
5 years ago, they placed this tiny pissed off baby on me and introduced me to my daughter, and probably the coolest person I know.
5 years ago that I started to let my heart walk around with this little girl.

Happy Birthday B-Girl!!!
(you make our hearts so happy)

Monday, February 23, 2009

O.M. Flyer

My Old Man on his Flyer.
Tom was a brilliant BMX dude waaaaay back in the day. In his skinny little teenaged frame with longer and prettier hair than mine.
Once and awhile he pulls out his OM Flyer (which very apptly stands for Old Man) and does some tricks for the girls.
Secretly, I love to watch him. I kind of feel like a groupie as I get all butterfly-like when I watch him pop a few wheelies (yeah, I know, I never said I wasn't easy).
I don't think he realizes just how cool he looks.
I mean yeah, I am the first to acknowledge he probably can't get away saying he's 25 anymore, but I haven't seen too many middle aged Dads doing cool tricks on their bikes.

Now the down-side of this is that the girls are taking in every trick and turn he does...and Bryn "I-Don't-Believe-In-Gravity" Bennett feels the need to try and keep up with her seasoned Dad.
I watch her trying to stand on her bike while going up the curbs and even letting go of a hand...and although I am quick to scream out- "Use two hands please!" There is a part of me that is glad she seems to have inherited Dad's mad BMX skillz.

(and it makes me realize that maybe this man needs a boy to call son).

Friday, February 20, 2009

I don't like to talk about my flair.

If you are on facebook, you may or may not know about the Flair!
Flair refers to virtual buttons that have silly quotes or pictures. You just add the ones you like to your own cork board (virtual of course) and you can make flair to give as gifts to friends.
Flair has become my new full-time between breathing and making Miis.
I have wasted spent many hours making and adding all sorts of new flair.
So, in honor of Friday, I shall introduce some Flair into your lives. These are some of my favorite "Flairs". The sunshine is especially special as it was made by Bryn.

See? Yet another way to waste hours of valuable time.
Your welcome!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wii got game.

Some call it Wii.
Some call it fun.
Some call it widow maker.

We introduced the Wii into our house over the holidays. Slowly, one by one, it has quietly sucked each of us into its hypnotic gaming powers.

Tom was first to go. I am left a Wii widow, as he spends alot of his time with his beloved "Wii". And its cleverly disguised as "family time" as both of the girls have fun playing too.
This is no surprise with his nack for throwing himself wholeheartedly into anything he does. I think the PC term is "enthusiastic"!
Tom probably spends more time doing things to enhance our Wii than actually playing.
Did you know you can actually talk through the Miis?
Or how about you can buy cables to get your Wii in HD? (no, seriously)
If there is anything for him to fix or fiddle or modify, its done.

Next to be devoured by the Wii's power was Bryn.
How she fell hard and fast.
Bryn has the uncanny ability to pick up any game after playing with it a few minutes. She is so impressive, that I actually have to try my best to avoid a mercy winning by her. (She has stellar balance on Wii Fit and one heck of a bowling arm!)

See the picture? Apparently she is "running". The clever cookie realized she didn't need to run to go anywhere...all she had to do was shake the wii-mote to get the same points. Although I know technically its being lazy, I prefer to think of it as "energy efficient".

Yes, Bryn started playing the Wii and I haven't seen her since.

Even Miss Avie has taken a liking to the Wii. Although its nothing short of torture to sit beside her while she tries to control her Wii-mote to get a game started, there are a few games she can play...namely the Running.
Ava will run like a mad woman, which is great for me, as my whole purpose in life right now it to see how tired I can make these kids so they will fall asleep! It also acts as a great short-term babysitter, so I can catch up on my blogging or bon-bon eating.

Lastly, with much resistance, I have given into the Wii's gaming powers.
I wish I could say I spend hours playing the Fit games and the exercise programs...but alas- I can not.
Nay, it's the creating of Miis that has been hooked.
I just can not stop.
I love to see what famous Miis are marching about in my Mii Plaza and how to make our family Miis look more and more like us.
It's a sickness really. I think I may have to start a support group for other Mii addicts, because I know you are out there!

Friday, February 13, 2009

more nubbins

Crap. I just realized how long its been since I have posted. I have just been that caught up in daily life.

Miss Ava has been sick. She has a nasty, nasty cough and cold. Fortunately, Tom has been home a few extra days this week to hang out with her so I may get some errands and all those other "mom" things done...without kids.
Ironically, I think Avie has been in a better mood with her cold. This was needed as I was beginning to think all she was capable of was grump and grumpier.

We have also enjoyed some nicer weather this week. Its been into the 80s a couple days, so of course the girlies and I spent alot of time outdoors, as I can not spend a whole day inside the house or I would die.

They also thought it was appropriate to wear their fairy gear outdoors... I can not think of anyone else who could pull off that look better than Bryn and Ava.

This is what winter in Florida looks like...not white with snow, but brown.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"I'm not sleepy Mom"

Bryn has a sleeping problem. She falls asleep almost randomly...not quite narcoleptic, but pretty close. I think its because when she's awake, she is a force of nature, so naturally she wears herself out.
She has done this since she was born.
Luckily I have evidence of this as I have been documenting her funny sleep positions for years now.

She fell asleep in this bouncer everytime...and spent many evenings there. Everytime I look at this I think "ouch my neck".

Bryn fell asleep in the middle of a photo shoot (3 months).

Bryn actually fell asleep at the table with her mouth firmly planted on the edge of the table. I am sure this photo will be worth money one day.

Probably my favorite...our sleeping fairy princess or whatever her official title was that Halloween.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Terrible Two and a Halves

Ava continues to test my buttons...and she does it with a smile!
I think we have hit the terrible twos late...she will be 3 in a month and she has just started to dig her heels in even further than usual. Which means Mommy is going to have to take up drinking as a sport just to keep sane! I am dreading what "3" will bring us...hopefully some sort of end to this exhausting phase.
It's a good thing the kid is cute, or else I'd have to ebay her...nay...not ebay as that would have too many fees, no, I'd Craigslist her instead. (no worries, to a good home only, with lots of fenced yard to roam)

This weekend we spent a lot of time at the "swamp" beside our house. It's not really a swamp, more like a gutter, but that's what the girls call it, so I just go along.
They would spend hours there if I let them...just roaming, hiding in the trees and looking for pet sticks.

Ava is actually happy in these pictures, despite the ever-present "bull-dog" look that Miss Ava has permantently fixed on her face.

We did enjoy a funny conversation yesterday.
Ava asked me whether or not I was a "Good-morning person".
I decidedly told her "Not really".
She then told me that she was a "Nighty-night owl" too.

For all the bi!ching I do, I certainly love this little person.

(also as a side note: Miss Bryn is doing well. I saw her a few days ago playing Wii and haven't seen her much since...yes, my other daughter, "The Gamer")