Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The First day of School

Such a bittersweet day for me.
Two weeks ago, I was ready to ship the littles out of the house,
and back to school, without a second thought...
But, today my heart was nervous for them.
And the hardest part is trying to hide that.

Trying to be brave and remind them (and myself)
just how much we love school!
Because we do!
Until about 2:00pm.
Then I feel my hearts have been away too long and I am ready to have them back at home,
safely under my wing.

But we all braved forward and put on nervous smiles,
took the annual "back to school Picture"
And waited at the the bus stop with eager friends.

I thought this year would be a little easier, but it wasn't.
There were no tears, (at least not on their end).
But I managed to buck up and watch them jump up into the bus like little pros.
I watched them wave with cautious smiles through the window,
and wished them every ounce of goodness I possibly could,
and I waved back, smiling at how very proud I am
of the little people they have become and at the same time wishing they would just stay this way.

Such a bittersweet day, every first day of school.
My heart always hurts a little more when I watch their little worlds get bigger
and another day closer to becoming farther.

For them, the world on a string...

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fargomama said...

off to school for my kiddos yesterday - i came home & felt a little lonely for a minute and then left for target ALL BY MYSELF! and a happy (few days belated) birthday to you my friend!! alia